Saracens MMA Dominate Egypt BJJ and Grappling Open 2018!

That Saracens MMA includes the very best fighters from the Middle East is beyond question – such accolades do not stop at mixed martial arts, either. This past weekend, Saracens MMA dominated the competition at the Egypt BJJ and Grappling Open 2018 from Cairo!

With Mohamed ‘The Executioner’ Gamal, Ahmed ‘The Silencer’ Thabet, and Eslam ‘IRONMAN’ Syaha all putting in stellar performances en route to gold medal glory, fighters from as far afield as Russia were turned away empty handed.

Check out the videos below that outline just some of the reasons we state that ‘To Be a Champion, You Have To Train With Champions’ – Saracens MMA athletes are a testament to the fact that iron sharpens iron, and our athlete’s collective dominance is something the team are looking to instil in the next generation of Egyptian martial artists!

Interested in training with the best? Drop us a message on the Contact Page, and we’ll get back to you and when, where, and how!

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