Ahmed Faress Injured; Out of Phoenix : Abu Dhabi

Saracens MMA is disappointed to report that star athlete Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress has been forced out of his bout at Phoenix: Abu Dhabi with Chabane Chaibeddra after suffering an arm injury while training in Phuket, Thailand.

Ahmed made the following statement via his Instagram account (@prince_faress):

“I want to apologise to Phoenix Fighting Championship, all Phoenix fans, my fans, and everyone who was looking forward to watching my fight. I was very ready and focused on representing my team, Saracens MMA, with a great show and performance. Sometimes, however, bad things happen.”

“Alhamdollah, and I will be back soon, Inshallah.”

Whilst understandably very disappointed, Ahmed was in good spirits when discussing the injury with SaracensMMA.com as he prepared to fly back to his native Egypt.

Ahmed, we wish you a speedy recovery, and can’t wait to see you back in the cage!


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