African & Arabian Muay Thai Champion Mahmoud Gamal Joins Saracens; Targets MMA Debut For Team


Saracens MMA is delighted to welcome African and Arabian Muay Thai Champion Mahmoud ‘The Hawk’ Gamal to the team!

At just 20 years of age, Gamal boasts arguably the finest striking skills of any Egyptian martial artist, and looks forward to bringing his enviable talent and ability to mixed martial arts! Already a decorating fighter, ‘The Hawk’ states an admiration for the Saracens MMA team as a leading factor in his decision to add his name to the ranks.

“I am very happy to join Saracens, this team includes the best fighters in Egypt. I have been training with many of the Saracens MMA team, and they are very close to my heart,” Gamal told “I am thrilled to be here!”

“I am a professional kickboxing champion, and hold titles in Asia, Africa, and the Arab nations. I’ve also competed in MMA in China and Kuwait, and look forward to making my name known among the mixed martial arts fraternity.”

Speaking of the newest addition to the team, Saracens MMA captain Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress stated: “I have faced Mahmoud ‘The Hawk’ Gamal in competition before, so I know how talented an athlete he is. He may be young, but he holds a wealth of experience, and I am certain the team will benefit from this just as much as he will benefit from being part of the number one mixed martial arts team in the Middle East.”


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