The Black Bulls Earn Their Blue Belts Courtesy of BJJ Master Abdelhamed Sadik!


The Saracens MMA – Black Bulls alliance united two of the best teams in Middle Eastern MMA. When an outstanding gym, the Saracens-Black Bulls Academy (SBA) in Cairo was unveiled earlier this year, it was clear mixed martial arts in Egypt had a new focal point. An outstanding centre of learning combining the knowledge and excellence of the nation’s finest martial artists, SBA has gone from strength to strength, and two of the top fighters in the Black Bulls teams have benefited by attaining their Blue Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Devastating kickboxer Alaa Mansour, holder of the fastest KO in Desert Force MMA history with a 14-second stoppage, and Eslam Syaha, a 7-1 man-mountain with an unquenchable thirst to become the best-of-the-best, were both awarded the accolade by famed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master and Black Belt Abdelhamed Sadik.

Sadik, based out of Torrance, California, is not only one of the most respected BJJ practitioners in the sport, but also a world class coach. His presence at the SBA facility was an honour for all members of the Saracens MMA and Black Bulls team members, and we at look forward to reporting on many more promotions for these two tremendous fighters!


Ahmed Faress Interview with James Lynch of; Discusses Brave 19, His Future, and Street Fighter II!

Ever wondered who Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress, who will take on Nkosi Ndebele in Sun City, South Africa at Brave 19, prefers to play as in Street Fighter II?

Of course you did!’s outstanding journalist James Lynch dug deep into the past, present, and future of Saracens MMA’s charismatic captain and founder, and you’ll find the answer to that, and many more questions in this YouTube interview with the Parting Shot Podcast!


Alaa Mansour to Make AFL Debut in Lisbon, Portugal!


Saracens MMA is proud to announce that Alaa ‘Thor’ Mansour will make his Portuguese and European MMA debut at AFL 18 from Lisbon, Portugal!

Alaa, the captain of the Black Bulls team and head coach at SBA (Saracens & Black Bulls Academy), will face off against M-1 Global and Superior FC alumni Aires Benrois, a seven-year veteran of the professional ranks. Alaa, stepping in at short notice for former UFC fighter and long-time BJJ black belt Igor Araujo, will look to build on a fearsome résumé that already accounts for a devastating tear through the ranks of Egyptian Fighting Championship and Desert Force MMA.

Most famous for his 9-second KO victory over Abdul Rahman Dridi at Desert Force 22, Alaa no doubt sees his Ansgar Fighting League debut as a huge opportunity to stamp his mark on a new territory. With his sights set on a successful run in Europe’s esteemed MMA scene, ‘Thor’ Mansour fans can look forward to many exciting, high profile clashes featuring this heavy-hitting Cairo native!

This is just the beginning…


Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress Joins Brave CF – Faces Nkosi Ndebe in South Africa!

Saracens MMA is delighted to announce the return of ‘The Prince’ at Brave CF 19!

Long-time top-ranked Egyptian bantamweight and featherweight fighter Ahmed Faress will once again step in to the Brave Combat Federation cage as he takes on outstanding South African prospect and promotional newcomer, Nkosi ‘King’ Ndebele. With experience competing in the IMMAF World Championships as well as the IMMAF African Open, Ndebele represents the exciting next-generation of experienced newcomers.

With Faress sporting a 14-2 mark as a professional, however, the exciting Ndebele will be facing a monumental challenge. The captain of the Saracens MMA team, who has finished all fourteen victories, amassing twelve submissions (not to mention twelve first round finishes), Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress is an ultra-talented fighter who has endured a frustrating 19-month wait since his last fight. Having blitzed UFC veteran Bharat Khandare in little over three minutes in 2017, Faress had hoped to build on his accomplishments with trips to Abu Dhabi and even Ukraine – but his chance to extend his record comes at last in the spectacular Sun City resort, Sun City.

Now more determined than ever, it is of tremendous credit to Faress that he will enter this bout in phenomenal shape, looking to take home yet another victory to the Saracens MMA Team in Cairo, Egypt!

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Hassancito Abo Ali Signs With Brave CF – Debuts at Brave 18 From Bahrain!

Saracens MMA is delighted to announce that elite flyweight competitor Hassancito ‘Rush’ Abo Ali has signed terms with one of the world’s largest and most successful MMA organisations, Brave Combat Federation.

Abo Ali will become the third Saracens fighter to compete under the Brave banner, with Ahmed ‘The Butcher’ Amir slated to compete at Brave 17 against Australian IMMAF World Champion John Brewin, and Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress have competed twice, including posting a first round submission victory over UFC veteran Bharat Khandare.

Standing in Abo Ali’s way will be Bahrain’s native son, Hussain Ayyad. Ayyad, who goes by the nickname ‘Iron’, will look to build on a 1-1 start to his Brave CF career, and will have the support of His Royal Highness Sheikh Khaled Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, founder of both Brave and the KHK MMA Team founded in Manama.

Abo Ali, meanwhile, will look to build on a crushing 30-second submission victory over Mohammed Ali at AUFC 19 as he makes his international professional MMA debut!


Amr Maher Victorious at Predator Fight Series; Accepts FOUR Opponents!


So, you want to be a fighter…?

On Friday October 12, Predator Fight Series Featherweight Champion Amr ‘The Falcon’ Maher landed in the Philippines ready to compete on less than a week’s notice, having only recently recovered from a knee injury. His opponent was slated as Ruel Rio, an eight-fight Filipino veteran, against whom Amr vowed to approach the end of the year ‘on a high’.

Fate, however, had other plans…

Saturday morning, day of the fight, Predator FS President Ferdie Munsayac broke the news to Amr that Rio was out; in his place was an undefeated fighter by the name of Willie John Benedicto. Amr, being the warrior he is, naturally accepted the change, beginning preparations for this new adversary.

The Benedicto fight would also fail to materialise, with Predator FS left diligently seeking a third opponent. Genil Francisco, himself a twelve-fight veteran, was proposed as an opponent, albeit having primarily competed in a lower weight class than Maher. Perhaps understandably, then, the Francisco fight also fell by the wayside, leaving Amr frustrated by the string of fizzled bouts and near-misses.

Lesser men may have packed their bags in frustration and headed home. Amr Maher, though, came to fight.

Having accepted all three touted opponents, Ferdie Munsayac and team were able to locate yet another opponent – the much bigger, heavier veteran, Sulpiano Laurio, Jr.

Amr accepted, and at last the fight was set. The tumult behind him, head possibly spinning from a whirlwind of names, faces, styles, and records, Amr made the walk out and returned with the victory in less than a round. A guillotine submission put paid to Laurio, Jr, and Amr Maher extended his record to 7-2, (1 NC), marking his second successive victory in Predator FS in 2018.

In one day, following a rollercoaster of emotions, Amr Maher finally got the victory he travelled 2,385 km to gain. Showing incredible mental toughness under extreme pressure, ‘The Falcon’ bested another fighter in his home country – and cemented his reputation as one of the gamest mixed martial artists anywhere in the world.

Congratulations Amr!


African & Arabian Muay Thai Champion Mahmoud Gamal Joins Saracens; Targets MMA Debut For Team


Saracens MMA is delighted to welcome African and Arabian Muay Thai Champion Mahmoud ‘The Hawk’ Gamal to the team!

At just 20 years of age, Gamal boasts arguably the finest striking skills of any Egyptian martial artist, and looks forward to bringing his enviable talent and ability to mixed martial arts! Already a decorating fighter, ‘The Hawk’ states an admiration for the Saracens MMA team as a leading factor in his decision to add his name to the ranks.

“I am very happy to join Saracens, this team includes the best fighters in Egypt. I have been training with many of the Saracens MMA team, and they are very close to my heart,” Gamal told “I am thrilled to be here!”

“I am a professional kickboxing champion, and hold titles in Asia, Africa, and the Arab nations. I’ve also competed in MMA in China and Kuwait, and look forward to making my name known among the mixed martial arts fraternity.”

Speaking of the newest addition to the team, Saracens MMA captain Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress stated: “I have faced Mahmoud ‘The Hawk’ Gamal in competition before, so I know how talented an athlete he is. He may be young, but he holds a wealth of experience, and I am certain the team will benefit from this just as much as he will benefit from being part of the number one mixed martial arts team in the Middle East.”