Saracens MMA: Being the Best Isn’t an Opinion; It’s a FACT!

Some fighters love to boast.

Some managers, too.

After all, hype builds intrigue, and intrigue attracts fans – and fans are the key to the success of any sport!

It’s basic math, and it’s the reason why hyperbole exists at every turn in the fight industry. While many claims can be taken with a pinch of salt, Saracens MMA is sincere when we state that we are the biggest and best management agency in the Middle East. We are earnest when we declare we have the best fighters in the region. And we are proud of those assertions because we have the data to prove it!

We have the #1 flyweight in the Middle East!

We have the #1 flyweight, bantamweight, and light heavyweight in Egypt!

We have the #2 lightweight in Egypt!

We have THREE top five fighters in their respective division in the Middle East (four in the top ten, and five in the top fifteen)!

And what’s more, we have youth on our side!

Considering investing in Middle Eastern MMA? Thinking of hiring fighters from the region? Then why look elsewhere?

We are Saracens MMA, and we are the very best in the region – what’s more, we’re going global!


Amr ‘The Falcon’ Maher to Headline Show in Philippines; Ready to Unleash Inner Predator!

maher is proud to announce that Team Quest Thailand-based stand out Amr ‘The Falcon’ Maher will headline Predator Fight Series 6 from Marikina City, Philippines!

Taking on 4-3 Filipino fighter Juvanie Bacus in the main event, Amr will once again represent Saracens MMA at short notice, with the fight scheduled for just over a week’s time on July 20. With his sights set on claiming the Predator FS Featherweight title, ‘The Falcon’ sees this is as a great opportunity to further enhance his reputation in Asia.

“I’ll get past this guy,” Amr told, “I’ll win the title and then I’ll look to conquer more promotions in the region. I’ve felt great in training lately too, so no issues about the short preparation time – I’ll be ready!”

There is no doubt Maher will look to add a sixth career finish to his résumé, building on victories in Thailand and his homeland of Egypt – and in doing so will hope to stamp his mark on yet another new nation!

Filipino fight fans, prepare to be entertained by one of the best in the sport!



A New Dynasty


Remarkably, the unrivalled success of Egypt’s foremost international MMA talent, top-ranking bantamweight Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress, is not limited to his exploits within the cage. While Faress has rattled off an incredible 14 finishes from 14 career victories, including no fewer than 12 submission wins (ten of those in the first round), Faress is also a crucial figure on the Middle Eastern MMA scene at large.

While besting the likes of UFC veteran Bharat Khandare, who will compete at the mouth-watering upcoming UFC 227: Dillashaw vs Garbrandt 2 event, as well as top-ranking Egyptian nationals Hassan ‘The Viper’ Mandour and Ahmed ‘The Silencer’ Thabet certainly helped establish Faress as one of the most important figures in Egyptian martial arts history, it is his ongoing work outside the cage that impresses further.

Not content with being the winningest fighter to hail from his homeland, ‘The Prince’ is looking for something greater; a long-last legacy.

For a man whose coaching duties are seemingly unending, and his responsibilities as captain of Saracens MMA require absolute dedication to his craft on all levels, helping to build the sport from the ground up is arguably his most challenging task. And it’s one Faress embraces with a fervour.

While grass roots MMA is something very dear to Ahmed’s heart, and encouraging youngsters to undertake a healthy lifestyle, gain self-confidence, strive for continuous self-improvement, and understand true focus, morals and values are all aspects of the sport Faress relishes, there remains a need for new and innovative ways to take the most promising students to the next level.

Hence, ‘The Royal Dynasty’.

Hand-picking three students to coach in a more intensive and focussed MMA and grappling team, is honoured to announce that Marwan Gamal, Marwan El Masry, and Omar Khaled will comprise the first ever Dynasty team. As each great historic Egyptian monarch would have wished to pass his wisdom and learnings to his kind, so ‘The Prince’ will look to bestow these young men with even more of his time and effort in order to bring through the next generation of Egyptian martial artists.

We are excited to see how far the Dynasty team can go, and cannot wait to see Khaled (left, in green), Gamal (centre, in black), and El Masry (right, in pink) in action!


Beware the Black Bulls of MMA…

Founded in 2011, Black Bulls MMA out of Cairo, Egypt has gone on to produce some of the most talented mixed martial artists to be found anywhere in the Middle East. Two such individuals represent Saracens MMA, the number one sports collective in the history of North African martial arts: head coach Alaa ‘Thor’ Mansour (6-1) and long-time understudy Eslam ‘IRONMAN’ Syaha (7-1-1).

Both multiple-division champions on the Egyptian national scene, Mansour and Syaha both typify and embody the fight team’s mentality perfectly, combining an indomitable will-to-succeed with an unquenchable thirst for continuous self-improvement. To witness these men in training is to go some way to unearthing the sheer drive and determination needed to build the beginnings of an empire in somewhat unfashionable climes. While the major players in mixed martial arts are yet to cast their gaze to Cairo for whatever reason, it is the work of men like Mansour and Syaha, along with their fellow Saracens, that will eventually unlock the door not only for themselves, but also their fellow countrymen.

But what compels athletes like Mansour and Syaha to chase this dream? And what does it take to become a ‘Black Bull’ in Egypt’s capital? spoke to Alaa Mansour and Eslam Syaha ahead of their double-header at the upcoming Evolution Fighting Championship event on July 13, subtitled ‘Tsunami Aftershock’.

‘We started with a fantastic team,’ Alaa Mansour told us, ‘We decided to name it after the way we felt, and our appearance,’ he laughs. ‘We were all black, we were all muscular, and we had the mindset of bulls!’

Alongside the likes of Mahmoud ‘The Octopus’ Fawaz (8-2), Mohamed ‘Sambo’ John (3-1), Mostafa ‘Tyson’ Mohamed (3-0), Omar ElMograby (2-0) and Mohamed Shehta (3-2), Mansour and the Bulls racked up wins and dominated the competition at AUFC, one of Egypt’s top promotions. The team grew; one of the main additions to the line up coming in the form of powerlifter Eslam ‘IRONMAN’ Syaha.

“I joined the team one year after it was founded,” Eslam told “It’s a fantastic team, and a great place to train. Alaa and the other coaches are very talented and very driven, and insist on success, always.” He adds: “Black Bulls MMA is strong; the level of talent distinguishes us from other teams here, and the fact we are always looking and trying to seek ways to develop really appeals to me.”

That is a sentiment shared by Mansour himself. While he could coo over fighters like Syaha and Fawaz and the records they have achieved in MMA, ‘Thor’ remains grounded. “I don’t see a single fighter who will be the future of Black Bulls MMA – the target is to take this team to the top, not just one or two, but every single fighter that trains with us.”

Those are lofty ambitions, but it is the mark of Alaa’s character that even personal success – while an obvious driving force behind his ferocious training regimen and in-fight aggression – isn’t the be-all and end-all. Success for him is an opportunity for his training partners and students; and while Mansour has enjoyed international fame competing for Desert Force and the temporarily disbanded Phoenix FC, seeing his best fighters compete on similar (or even bigger) stages would give him just as much satisfaction.

That is one of the key reasons Mansour suits the Saracens MMA ethos. A Brotherhood of MMA, Saracens is focussed on achieving success for the many, not the few.

Syaha, for his part, has come on immensely under Mansour’s tutelage, as well as by working with the wider Saracens Team, led by Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress.

“Our link with Saracens goes back to the days before either team existed. Myself and Faress trained together in Wushu, and we had great success together.” Mansour states.

Syaha adds: “Saracens MMA is not the only team we train with, but they are good friends, and the ties between the two teams goes back a long way. They are an excellent team in practical terms, and in terms of the combat side. They have some great martial artists in their team, and they compliment Black Bulls very well. They are always looking to develop and progress; they are very ambitious.”

So, who can become a Black Bull – and how?

“We welcome anyone to come and train with the team,” Syaha responds, “We welcome people to come and take advantage of our training, and decide if we’re right for them. If they like the team and want to succeed, that’s what we’re about: developing fighters and making them better at whatever they want to do.”

Alaa agrees: “I promise that one day, people will come from all over the world to train with Black Bulls MMA. That’s my dream. People will hold their training camps at our facilities, and we will grow bigger and better.”

As for competing? At Evolution FC: Tsunami Aftershock, Alaa will face off at welterweight with Abdulla Al-Jabareen , a member of the Jordan National Kickboxing team, and a very accomplished striker. Alaa, however, will not be intimidated by any such accolades. An 11-0 kickboxer himself, Mansour will look to bring his own vicious striking game, and seek to build on his most recent win – an 11-second KO of Tunisian Abdul-Rahman Dridi in the finals of a Desert Force Middleweight Grand Prix.

Eslam, meanwhile, will face off against compatriot Waleed Gamal at middleweight, and seek to extend a six-fight winning streak. For fight fans not familiar with these two Black Bulls competing under the Saracens banner, July 13 will be a great opportunity to witness these world class athletes in action!


BJJ Black Belt Master Abdelhamed Sadik Graces Saracens MMA, Promotes Moha Gamal

A great day for Saracens MMA saw the arrival of international Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master and black belt Abdelhamed Sadik in Cairo, Egypt, for a graduation ceremony at the TapouT Fighting Club facility. Sadik, based out of Torrance, California, USA, is one of the most respected BJJ practitioners in the sport, as well as a world class coach.

As recently announced, TapouT Fighting Club became an official partner of Saracens MMA, the number one Management Agency in the Middle East, and courtesy of live streaming of the event through social media, Saracens MMA fans and friends were able to watch the entire ceremony and preceding instructional tutorials play out at the venue.

Saracens MMA would like to thank Abdelhamed Sadik for sharing his knowledge and experience with the team, as well as to fellow martial artist, Mr Tameem Hamoui. Furthermore, Saracens MMA would like to congratulate Moha ‘The Executioner’ Gamal on his successful graduation and promotion to blue belt, an historic achievement for this outstanding and undefeated flyweight talent!

With Saracens MMA captain Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress playing a key role in organising this fantastic day and event at TapouT Fighting Club, would extend thanks to the 14-2 professional mixed martial artist, as well as to all that attended or watched online.

Without these outstanding athletes, Saracens MMA simply would not exist!

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