Ahmed Faress to Compete at WWFC 12, Welcome Askari Fight Wear as Saracens Sponsor


September 29, 2018 will be a momentous day for Saracens MMA.

At World Warriors Fighting Championship 12, from Kiev Sports Palace in Kiev, Ukraine, Egypt’s number one-ranked bantamweight and Saracens MMA captain Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress will face Kharkiv’s own, Denis Bondar at 135 lbs.

The fight will mark the European debut of the Saracens MMA team, and will see Faress cornered by Brave CF’s highly-touted lightweight exponent, Ahmed ‘The Butcher’ Amir. It will also mark the beginning of a crucial partnership with Swedish-based, Arabic-language sportswear brand Askari (askarifighter.com).

“This fight, together with this sponsorship deal with Askari Fight Wear, marks a historic moment for Saracens MMA,” manager Jonathan Butterfield told SaracensMMA.com. “Competing in major promotions outside of the Middle East has been a long-held goal for the team, so we are naturally delighted that WWFC have presented Ahmed Faress with this opportunity. World Warriors Fighting Championship is a stellar promotion that has been able to attract top talent from all over Europe, and beyond. We are very proud to be able to play our part at WWFC 12, and look forward to introducing Ukrainian fight fans to the very best that the Middle Eastern MMA scene has to offer.”

“We are also extremely grateful to the fantastic, hard-working people at Askari Fight Wear, not least Mr Youssef Issa, himself a true and seasoned warrior. Askari Fight Wear have agreed to sponsor Ahmed and the team going forward, and we look forward to making this a long-lasting and successful venture. I believe I speak for Ahmed and the whole team when we say it will be an honour to represent the Askari name, already a major brand in both Europe and North Africa.”

Askari Fight Wear has been the choice of champions since it’s inception, and has strong roots in North African martial arts. As well as the company founder, Mr Issa, being a Lebanese national, the term ‘Askari’ stems from the Arabic عسكري (ʿaskarī), meaning “soldier”. The Arabic word is a derivation from عسكر (ʿaskar) meaning “army”. Askari Fight Wear produce martial arts attire of the highest quality.


Muhammad ‘Smash’ Nour Claims Second Saracens Title in Seven Days; ‘The Egyptian Zombie’ Feasts Again!


In the wake of newly-crowned Predator Fight Series featherweight champion Amr ‘The Falcon’ Maher’s success last week, Muhammad ‘Smash’ Nour and Islam ‘The Egyptian Zombie’ Reda maintained momentum for the Saracens MMA team as they bested their opposition in scintillating fashion across both the AUFC and Evolution FC.

Nour (above), who became Saracens MMA’s second featherweight champion in seven days, outscored tough young contender Hassan Mahmoud on the scorecards, taking the victory (and the belt!) via split decision. A result greeted by jubilation by virtually the whole Saracens MMA team at cageside, Nour underlined his position as not only one of the very best coaches in Middle Eastern MMA, but also one of the most complete fighters.

Meanwhile, ‘The Egyptian Zombie’ continued his run of dominance with yet another first round submission victory over Egyptian national wrestling team member Azouz Anwar. As outlined by Amr Maher in his post-fight analysis, Reda transitioned through no fewer than eight successive submission attempts, before landing the fight-ending armbar and forcing the tap!

In a display of outstanding, highly technical grappling, Reda builds on wins at Phoenix FC: Road to Egypt, as well as a recent Evolution Grappling event. Check out the footage below (as well as the ‘Zombie’s awesome new highlight reel)!


Islam ‘The Egyptian Zombie’ Reda Victorious at Phoenix: Road to Egypt!

SaracensMMA.com is delighted to announce that at Phoenix FC: Road to Egypt, undefeated lightweight sensation Islam ‘The Egyptian Zombie’ Reda overcame the odds by scoring a scintillating first round submission victory!

Whilst Reda would see his opponent changed not once, but twice, ‘The Zombie’ also had to contend with the fact that his eventual challenger, two-time African and Arabian wrestling champion, Mohamed Ghalab, weighed in at 77 kg – a full weight class higher than Reda, who successfully made the initial 70 kg requirement!

While many fighters would have rejected such a fight with no notice period, Islam came to fight. And fight he did!

Securing a takedown in the first round, Reda showed off the slick grappling skills that recently earned him a promotion to purple belt under Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master Mohamed Fawzy, forcing a tap in short order.

With Phoenix FC staff in attendance, this was the kind of performance that underpins the reasons SaracensMMA.com have huge confidence in this prodigy. We cannot wait to see what’s next for ‘The Egyptian Zombie’!

Congratulations Islam!

NEWS: Ahmed Amir and Ahmed Faress recovering, Eslam Syaha victorious in boxing, Islam Reda graduates, and Mahmoud Tahoun gets married!



  • Now that the dust has settled after Brave 11 from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, one of Saracens MMA’s top stars, Ahmed ‘The Butcher’ Amir, is looking to refocus and rebuild after only a second career defeat. While Amir’s resolve has been tested by this particular setback, Saracens MMA is sure this is just a minor blip for one of it’s most prized stars after an incredibly tough and gutsy performance. With the full support of MMA fans throughout Egypt and the wider Middle East region, including Kuwait, his second home, the lion-hearted Ahmed will come back better and stronger than ever. While Straight Blast Gym in Ireland undoubtedly left Amir with some great memories and an intensive camp, Ahmed is already being linked to yet more great training facilities for future endeavours. Stay tuned for more news on Egyptian MMA’s national hero, because we can’t wait to see what’s next for ‘The Butcher’!
  •  Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress continues to recover from the broken arm that prevented him from making his Phoenix FC debut against Chabanne Chaibeddra, and is now less than a month away from engaging in full training. Ahmed is grateful for the time spent at Phuket Top Team in Thailand, as well as the medical assistance afforded him by doctors at home and abroad. No doubt fans are waiting with great anticipation to see how Faress will face inside the Phoenix cage!
  • Eslam ‘IRONMAN’ Syaha out-boxed and out-performed his opponent Walid Tyson en route to a crushing victory. Arguably Saracens MMA’s most intimidating figure, Syaha, along with head coach Alaa Mansour of Black Bulls MMA in Cairo, is looking for yet greater opportunities on the international MMA scene. Stay tuned for more information…
  • Saracens MMA would like to say a huge congratulations to Islam ‘The Egyptian Zombie’ Reda upon his graduation to purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! A truly outstanding student of Master Muhammad Fawzy, Reda was last seen easily submitting an opponent at a recent Evolution BJJ event, and we’ve been saying for some time that the sky is the limit for ‘The Zombie’!
  • Amr Maher has returned to Egyptian soil from Thailand as he takes a little time out amid some exciting rumours about a potential next destination – and he might just address a long-standing issue with a nose problem stemming from a break a while back. We’ll keep you posted on that one.
  • Saracens MMA will have HUGE NEWS regarding an official partnership very soon! Keep watching this space – you will not want to miss it!
  • Finally, a HUGE congratulations to ‘The Most Marketable Man in the Middle East’ – while preparing fight choreography for a film out in Thailand, Mahmoud ‘The Hitman’ Tahoun got married! Sorry ladies – one of Saracens MMA’s star athletes has tied the knot!


Ahmed Faress Injured; Out of Phoenix : Abu Dhabi

Saracens MMA is disappointed to report that star athlete Ahmed ‘The Prince’ Faress has been forced out of his bout at Phoenix: Abu Dhabi with Chabane Chaibeddra after suffering an arm injury while training in Phuket, Thailand.

Ahmed made the following statement via his Instagram account (@prince_faress):

“I want to apologise to Phoenix Fighting Championship, all Phoenix fans, my fans, and everyone who was looking forward to watching my fight. I was very ready and focused on representing my team, Saracens MMA, with a great show and performance. Sometimes, however, bad things happen.”

“Alhamdollah, and I will be back soon, Inshallah.”

Whilst understandably very disappointed, Ahmed was in good spirits when discussing the injury with SaracensMMA.com as he prepared to fly back to his native Egypt.

Ahmed, we wish you a speedy recovery, and can’t wait to see you back in the cage!